Wrinkles, change in color, loss of collagen and thinning of skin all contribute to poor quality and aged appearance of skin. Majority of wrinkles are result of constant repetitive movements of facial muscles when we yawn, smile, or frown. When muscles move, skin overlying them folds and forms wrinkles. Injection of Botox is a safe and effective method to temporarily paralyze these muscles and eliminate or soften the folds and wrinkles.


The best time to start using Botox is before the wrinkles are permanent. At this stage they are called “animation wrinkles.” They form when we use the muscles to raise our brows, tense our neck, or frown. These wrinkles go away when we relax. Over time these fold leave a dent in the skin which is very difficult to remove. At this stage they are called “static wrinkles.” They are present even when we relax; therefore, relaxing the muscle won’t eliminate them, it will only soften them. To improve static wrinkles one can use other methods such as skin resurfacing or microneedling which are more invasive than Botox.


The results are noticeable by one week after treatment and last 4 -6 months. There are no major restrictions except to avoid heaving exercise for 1 day to avoid spreading of Botox. .


In well trained hands and with intimate knowledge of facial anatomy Botox injection can:

-Lessens or prevent wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), between brows (frown lines,) forehead lines and laugh lines around the lips

-Lessen the droopiness around the corners of the mouth (Injection in Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle)

-Soften the vertical bands (Injection in Platysmal bands of the neck)

-Reduce jaw roundness to create a more feminine look (Injection in Masseter muscle)

-Treat excessive sweating (Injection in underarms)

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