Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

“It is very important to do your research and seek the right plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty. You want a surgeon who not only has artistic eyes and technical skills, but also he or she must recognize and respect the cultural aesthetics to achieve a ‘natural look’ which is in congruent with your ethnic and racial background.”   

-Dr. Hakimi

Reshaping of the nose (rhinoplasty) is by far the most finesse plastic surgery procedure. In the center of the face, any subtle imperfection can be amplified in the mirror or photos. In recent years, surge of social media and selfies has only increased the scrutiny of facial anatomy specially the nose. Rhinoplasty can improve both aesthetics and function, by the same token, any complications can affect more than just the look. Given the delicacy of the anatomy, and the intimate interplay of form and function patient education during the consultation session, explaining technical limitation and setting appropriate expectation is crucial.

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