Chemical Peels

Fine wrinkles and age spots are common signs of photo aging. These fine wrinkles, like the ones under the eyes, are not from muscle movement (thus won’t be fixed by Botox.) As we age the superficial layer of our skin gets thinner resulting in a “cigarette paper” appearance that often appear as crosshatched lines.

Different factors can be responsible for dark spots on the face: hormonal changes, sun exposure, chronic inflammation, etc. This increase in pigmentation of skin can occur at different depths and locations depending on the cause.


Chemical peels can remove different layers of skin and improve the appearance of dark spots, scars and fine wrinkles. In your consultation Dr. Hakimi will examine your skin and discuss your medications and medical history then he will choose the appropriate type and concentration of chemical peel for your skin. The new skin will have less pigmentation, more collagen which gives your skin better texture, tone and youthfulness.

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