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Buttocks Augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Buttocks augmentation with fat grafting also known as Brazilian Butt Lift is a plastic surgery procedure to create a full, round buttocks. Fat will be harvested from areas such as abdomen, flanks, back and thighs. It will be placed in the gluteal area to make an aesthetically pleasing augmented buttocks. Ideal buttock shape varies in different cultures, ethnicities and between men and women. During your consultation Dr. Hakimi will have a detailed discussion about your desired areas of enhancement and during examination he will decide whether you have enough fat in other areas to achieve your goals.

How much fat is enough? This is the most common question patients ask. It depends on your height, weight, gluteal muscle size, overall shape and how much augmentation you desire. On average to have a meaningful improvement it takes at least 300 cc in each buttocks.  

What if there is not enough fat? You can still get significant improvement and reshaping of buttocks area by liposuction of flanks and back to give it more definition and rounder shape. Buttocks implant is another option for patients with inadequate fat reservoir.

Post operative care and recovery? After the surgery patients will wear a specific garment to control swelling in the liposuctioned areas and keep pressure off the augmented area for 6 weeks. For the fat to stay alive and “take” it is crucial to avoid pressure. Patients are prohibited from sleeping supine (laying on their back) or sitting on their buttocks strictly for 1 week. After that patients may sit for very short period of time and are encouraged to squat and sit on their thighs to minimize the pressure.