Brow Lift

Forehead and brow are closely connected to periorbital region both functionally and aesthetically. This intimate relationship is frequently unrecognized and could lead to suboptimal surgical outcome.  For example sagging brows could contribute to hooding of the upper eyelids which in unexperienced eyes might be merely an excess eyelid skin issue. Presence of deep transverse lines in the forehead could be due to aging or compensation for droopy eyelid or brow.

While eyebrows’ position is a strong indicator or person’s emotional state such as sadness, anger, fatigue, surprise, its ideal aesthetic location is variable depending on patient’s age, race and overall frame of facial anatomy. Just as described in facial rejuvenation section, aging of periorbital region also occurs as a result of three phenomenon: Skin damage, skin laxity and fat deflation.

Skin laxity leading to drooping of the brow usually requires brow lift procedure. In our practice we offer endoscopic (done with a small camera and few small incisions in the hairline) and open temporal brow lift. During your consultation Dr. Hakimi will recommend which method would serve you best depending on your forehead shape, hairline pattern and position of your eyebrow. Sometimes in minor cases we are able to temporarily correct this by injection of neurotoxins (chemical brow lift).

Hallowing of eye socket is another component of aging face. This is more common in people over 50 years old and would require fat grafting to restore a youthful look.

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