Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. However, it is a false idea to think of this surgery or any surgeries as “easy,” due to high number of cases performed, high satisfaction rate and the fact that most plastic surgeons performs this surgery. Thanks to social media patients are more aware of complications of this surgery both short and long term. The art of breast surgery is in your surgeon’s ability to design a pocket with the right size and shape to hosts the implant, to decide whether to place it under or over the muscle, and to educate you regarding your options and help you in decision making process. 


"Breast surgery requires a great sense for 3 dimensional dynamics of breast tissue and its interaction with implant. This surgery is more than dissecting a pocket and placing an implant. It is extremely rare to have a patient unsatisfied with the scar because they are small and mostly are places strategically and healed very well.  I encourage my patients to think long term and beyond the short term satisfaction of having fuller augmented breasts. You are prospectively deciding how your breasts will age over time: The heavier the implant, the more gravity will pull them down, the more chance of complication short and long term.”

-Dr. Hakimi


Dr. Hakimi and his staff will walk you through every step and help you pick the right size implant that makes you happy and also technically is safe and sound while meeting Dr. Hakimi’s philosophy of aesthetically pleasing breasts.

During your consultation, Dr. Hakimi will use Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality software to show you what your breasts would look like with different size implants. You will also be able to wear the VR goggles and experience them in different sizes.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast lift is the procedure that elevated the nipple –areola complex in patients with droopy breasts whether it is the result of weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding or simply aging. This surgery is designed to elevate the nipple and tighten the skin. It does not however increase the volume or give upper pole fullness. In a subset of patients that also desire more fullness this surgery can be combined with breast augmentation.  Very frequently both surgeries are performed at the same time with excellent results and patient satisfaction. None the less, in a small group of patients with poor skin and soft tissue quality or other medical co-morbidities it is usually advised to stage the two surgeries to minimize any chances of complications.  Also some patients with very mild ptosis (droopiness) achieve great results by only breast augmentation. This would be decided during your consultation with Dr. Hakimi.  

There are several techniques to perform breast lift each with different scar pattern such as but not limited to “donut, anchor and lollipop” respectively referring to “circumareolar, wise patter and vertical” breast lift. Based on your skin quality, age, current and desired breast size and how much nipple elevation you need Dr. Hakimi will recommend the best method to achieve your goals. As in any body lift procedures, patient’s weight must be stable and there must be a plan for maintenance around the same weight. Any weight gain or loss could alter and lessen the aesthetic outcome.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction has been one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed over decades with one of the highest patient satisfaction. Patients seeking this procedure are those with large breasts who suffer from neck or back pain whose breast size and weight has limited their physical activity or simple their self-image. There are different methods of performing this surgery and each method leaves a different shape of scar.  During your consultation Dr. Hakimi will decide which method will be appropriate based on your size, desired size, skin and soft tissue quality and other factors.

Even though breast reduction brings the nipple up in an aesthetically proportionate position, its main purpose is to reduce breast weight and volume.  Patients that simply desire improving droopy breasts are better candidates for breast life (mastopexy.) As in any body contouring procedures, Dr. Hakimi will make sure that patient’s weight has been stable and there is plan for maintenance around the same weight. Any weight gain or loss could alter and lessen the aesthetic outcome.

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